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DigiRights Rights Licensing Service - License the content of your book

Unleash your book's full
revenue potential!

Register your copyright for your book online with the US Government to protect your rights, your royalties, and your legacy

Maximize earnings by
licensing rights to your
book's content

Rights licensing and global rights sales made simple

Rights Listing Service
protect your copyright today and save money over the government paper forms
$169 *
Annual Subscription

Royalties increase the earnings lifespan of a book!
Rights licensing is a proven way to increase your book's earning power. Income from book sales is only part of the earnings picture. If you're not licensing the rights to your content, you're missing out on a potential revenue stream that can complement retail sales income.

From movies and screenplays to audio books and foreign language translations, your content may be suitable for use in a variety of different formats and media. Through licensing, you may grant others the legal right to use, distribute, translate, or perform your work in other formats. Until now, that was a complicated and difficult process.

Our Rights Listing Service makes it easy to get your content out into the marketplace where rights buyers, agents, and publishers, can see and review your content and purchase the rights to its use. We'll guide you every step of the way so you can:

  • List up to 5 book titles and upload manuscript previews on a global licensing website for rights buyers for rights buyers, publishers and rights agents.
  • Get exposure to over 50,000 publishers and producers in 90 countries
  • Negotiate and close a licensing deal with the help of professional licensing agents.
  • NEW! Includes your personal Author home page, linkable from other websites and social media. See sample.
  • NEW! Includes your personal listing of your book rights. See sample.
  • NEW! Includes a global map showing title popularity by country.

Rights Listing Service:
protect your copyright today and save money over the government paper forms
$250 $169 * Annual Subscription

* Licensing deals are subject to 3rd Party Agency Commissions

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