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Configure Your Bowker View Inside Widget

What is the ViewInside Widget?

The Bowker ViewInside Widget is a viral marketing tool that allows publishers to spread the buzz around their titles across various websites, social networks and blogs, thus increasing brand visibility significantly.

Think of the widget in two parts: the Buy Options and the Sharing Options.

The Buy Options will not be functional until you've registered your book with your chosen retailer(s). Thus, you may want to hold off configuring the Buy Options portion of your widget until you're established with the retailer.

The Sharing Options portion of the widget consists of the following, which are independent of the Buy Options (and which you may set up at your convenience):

  1. Social Bookmarking: this allows you to access selected social bookmarking sites and post book info through the widget.
  2. Onclick Options: consists of one function so far - Create External Link. This allows you to enter a website which will become part of the widget (the user can click on the cover art inside the widget and then be redirected to the website you have chosen).
  3. View Inside: Load a portion of your book in PDF format and share samples of your book online! Increase sales by giving your customer the same browsing experience one can get in a bookstore.
  4. Email to Friend: this will create a simple email form inside the widget so the user can email the link to your website to a friend.
  5. Get Widget Code: this allows you to insert the whole widget into an html page(website) so that the widget appears there. You must select Social Bookmarking as well to 'get widget code'.

Customizing your Bowker ViewInside Widget

In order to fully take advantage of ViewInside™ and the features it offers your readers you must submit a PDF (Portable Document Format) generated within the guidelines below:


  • PDF Files MUST NOT exceed 60mb
  • Encryption MUST BE DISABLED. We cannot process an encrypted PDF (if a password is required to open the PDF, it is encrypted - SEE IMAGE BELOW)


The conversion process will replicate the exact layout of your PDF, so the following guidlines should be followed when creating your file.

  • A single page spread must be used. Layouts designed for bi-fold printing (double page spreads) will not work.
  • All pages should be the same size.
  • All pages within the PDF should appear in the desired order.
  • All pages should be cropped as you wish them to appear on-screen. Crop marks required for printing should be turned off (otherwise they will appear in your ViewInside™)


  • All fonts MUST BE embedded in order for your ViewInside™ text to be searchable

ViewInside™ PDF Conversion Service

The ViewInside™ PDF Conversion Service is designed to convert your PDF so it seamlessly integrates with your widget. We will analyze your PDF to determine the level of conversion necessary, and provide you with a quote for the process, if it exceeds a Basic Fix.

Your $50 Fee includes the following:

  • Removal of crop marks
  • Providing bookmark links (maximum of 100 book marks links)
  • Removal of hidden layers within the PDF pages
  • Downsizing of entire PDF if there are more images