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ISBNs are the global standard for identifying titles

ISBNs from Bowker® make your book easier to discover

Why you need ISBNs

Identify one book in one format

Get Into Books In Print

Register yourself as Publisher

Appear in relevant databases


10 ISBNs
Why You Need 10 ISBNs

Get benefits of one ISBN, plus

Each format needs its own ISBN

Savings on multiple ISBNs

Enough for multiple books


100 ISBNs
Why You Need 100 ISBNs

Get benefits of ten ISBNs, plus

Save when publishing 4+ books

A great starter for Indie Publishers

Need More than 100 ISBNs?


1000 ISBNs

Blocks of 1,000 ISBNs are generally purchased by independent or small publishers, and is a quantity usually sufficient for publishing multiple versions of approximately 200 books (or editions of books).



  • ISBNs are the global standard for identifying titles
  • Each version of a book, print or digital, requires its own ISBN. Be sure to purchase enough for your needs
  • Most retailers require ISBNs to track book inventory
  • Buying an ISBN improves the chances your book will be found

ISBN Product Details

"ISBN" stands for "International Standard Book Number".

The ISBN identifies a book or other book-like product (such as an audiobook) in a specific format and edition, but also the publisher. If an ISBN is obtained from a company other than the official ISBN Agency, or one of its channel partners, that ISBN might not identify the publisher of the title accurately. This can have implications for doing business in the publishing industry supply chain.

The purpose of the ISBN is to establish and identify one title or edition of a title from one specific publisher and is unique to that edition, allowing for more efficient marketing of products by booksellers, libraries, universities, wholesalers and distributors.

If you are located in the United States, or a territory of the USA (Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, America Samoa, as well as military bases and embassies), Bowker is the official registration agency of the ISBN.

For more information about the ISBN standard, or if you are looking for the ISBN Agency in your jurisdiction visit the International ISBN Agency.

Number of ISBNs What Are Your Publishing Needs? Cost
Single ISBN A person who would purchase only one ISBN for $125 is often printing a single version of a single book. Purchasing a single ISBN is not adequate for those who wish to publish multiple versions of the same book (Hardback, Softback, EPUB, MOBI, PDF), or for people who plan to publish more than one book.

$125.00buy a single ISBN for $125

10 ISBNs

Why a Block of Ten (10) ISBNs is the most
commonly purchased ISBN package.

Many publishers, and Self-Publishers, publish at least three to five (3-5) versions of a book (Hardback, Softback, EPUB, MOBI, and PDF). Each version of a book requires an ISBN.

$295.00buy a single ISBN for $250

100 ISBNs A block of 100 ISBNs is usually purchased by more prolific self-publishers and small independent publishers. Purchasing a block of 100 ISBNs for $575 is a more cost-effective option if you need more than 2 blocks of 10 ISBNs.

$575.00buy 100 ISBNs for $575 for a limited time

Do You Need 10,000 or more ISBNs?

If you are a USA based publisher and buying more than 1,000 ISBNs, we have programs designed to fit your needs.

Whether that be ONIX uploads, pricing for ISBN blocks of 10,000 / 100,000/ or even a million, or fully integrated customized marketing solutions to help you achieve your sales goals within a specific market segment - we are happy to help. Click Here to Contact us directly, or call 1-877-310-7333 to discuss in greater detail.

Purchase ISBNs and a
Barcode together

10 ISBNs + 1 Barcode

Only $320.00

Add a block of 10 ISBNs and 1 barcode to your cart with one click.  You will be able to change your barcode quantity in your cart

ISBN + 1 Barcode

Add an ISBN and Barcode to your cart in one click

Only $150.00

Add an ISBN and Barcode to your cart in one click


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