A Message to MyIdentifiers Customers

November 5, 2018R.R. Bowker, LLC (“Bowker”) was recently made aware by the payment card networks of patterns of unauthorized charges occurring on cards after they were legitimately used on Bowker’s website, www.myidentifiers.com . We immediately launched an investigation and engaged a leading forensic firm to assist. Our investigation has identified unauthorized code that was added to the checkout page on our website. Based on currently available evidence, our investigation is focused on determining if the code was active from May 1, 2018 through October 23, 2018. However, because our investigation is continuing, complete findings are not available and it is too early to provide further details on the investigation. We anticipate providing notification to any affected customers as we get further clarity about the specific timeframes and orders that may have been affected.

We want to assure our customers that protecting their information is one of our top priorities and we are taking this incident very seriously. We will continue to work vigilantly to pursue this matter quickly to resolution.

Consistent with good practice, customers should closely monitor their payment card account statements. If you see any unauthorized charges, you should immediately notify the bank that issued the card. Payment card companies typically do not hold cardholders responsible for unauthorized charges.

While we are working to implement additional security enhancements, we have disabled purchasing functionalities at www.myidentifiers.com . Please refer to the instructions here on how you can purchase ISBNs and other products.