Market Your Book

Bowker’s My Identifier Services provides you with the resources that allow your titles to become more discoverable. As the US ISBN agency, is your first stop in publishing and selling your books. We also provide you with other essential tools to help you reach your audience.

Buying An ISBN

The ISBN is a unique identifier that is used to simplify the distribution of books throughout the global supply chain. Without the ISBN, your book is lost in the wilderness of more than 700,000 titles published (in English alone), each year from over 85,000 publishers and self-publishers in the United States.

When you buy an ISBN, and supply us with the title data linked to that ISBN, you increase the chances you will be found in searches done in libraries, bookstores, and online, and Bowker provides the data in searches performed by more than 100 million people. My Identifiers allows you to assign an ISBN to each edition of your title, and provides the interface for you to better position your title in the marketplace.

Bookland EAN Barcode

A special bar code called Bookland EAN Barcode is used to represent ISBN numbers and pricing information on all books. Bookland uses the European Article Numbering system, EAN, which was introduced in 1978. A Bookland EAN barcode encodes the ISBN number in EAN 13 format followed by a 5 digit supplemental code which is used to encode the book's price. My Identifiers provides Bookland EAN Barcodes in the EPS format, which is often required for maximum quality by your designers and printers. Click here to get your EAN Barcode.

Bowker Book Sales Widget

You took the time to write your book… Now it’s time to sell it!

The Bowker Book Sales Widget is a marketing tool that allows you to create awareness for your book across various websites, social networks like Facebook, and blogs. The Bowker Book Sales Widget enables readers to browse and sample pages of a book before they decide to buy through ViewInside™. What was once static title cover art, becomes interactive. The Bowker Book Sales Widget also enables readers to purchase instantly from any retailers you have a relationship with, or from your own website.


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ISBNs may be used for either print or digital versions of your book



The Importance of Maintaining Your Book Data

The publishing industry calls it metadata. What is metadata? Simply stated: data about data. Your book has information, and that information has information. NOTE: metadata is not independent of the information in the book since it describes the book In fact, our full content indexing metadata is pulled directly from the content of the book. If the book is about wilderness travel, for example, the metadata will reflect that. It is true of course that metadata also describes other attributes of a book that are not directly linked to the book's content: number of pages, e.g., or the date of publication.


Why is book metadata important?

Metadata or bibliographic data provides buyers information about your titles. It is the information you want to see displayed on a retailer’s website. Here are more details:

Core Metadata These are the basic details that every customer needs in order to find your title and purchase it:
  • ISBN
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Author or Editor
  • Binding/Format
  • Publishing Status
  • Publication Date
  • Publisher & Imprint
  • Supplier Name
  • Price

Descriptive Metadata These items further describe your title, but are mostly used by retailers and librarians, who want to purchase your product:

  • Dimensions (including size scale, width, height, & depth)
  • Edition Number
  • Language
  • Number of Pages
  • Rights Country/Territory
  • Weight (including weight scale)
Enriched Metadata This is the marketing information that allows your users to decide if they want to read or purchase the book. Think of it as providing an in-store browsing experience to a reader. When visiting a physical book store, buyers are able to flip through the pages of your book, read the back cover, or scan the first chapter. Browsers become potential buyers when they have the opportunity to discover if your book is right for them. By storing information ("metadata") about the book electronically, you are allowing online browsers to share the same experience in discovering if your book is right for them. Examples of the types of content you may make available electronically are:
  • Cover images
  • Table of contents
  • First chapters/excerpts
  • Author bios
  • Series title information

For What Products Should I Provide Metadata? Bowker requests that you supply data for all materials of interest to retailers, libraries, and school systems, where you have applied a unique ISBN13 to them. Types of items include:

  • printed books including print-on-demand titles
  • e-books
  • audio books and spoken word audio
  • video, both educational and trade titles
  • maps
  • calendars and diaries
  • mixed media such as book + CD or textbook + student workbook + teacher’s guide
  • novelty books such as bath books and sound books
  • wall charts, flashcards and other educational materials

How Can I Enter My Metadata?

After entering your titles into Bowker’s online portal, here are some steps you can take to maximize the sales of your product:

  • Click My Account in the top right corner of this page. From there, you will select the ISBN you wish to edit.
  • Larger retailers have specific requirements that publishers and authors must follow before they will consider stocking a title in their stores. Bowker will supply your metadata to these retailers as well as distributors and wholesalers automatically once your titles have fed to the Books In Print database. While we cannot guarantee that your book will be purchased, by providing us with good metadata about your books, you increase your chances that potential buyers will find it in one of their searches. This is especially true for e-books where good metadata is absolutely key to discovery. Bookstores cannot carry every title listed in Books In Print, but even so many of them will use the Books In Print database to identify books to stock or special order for customers.


Tips To Consider When You Are Planning To Sell Your Book

Top Reasons People Will Buy Books:

Popular searches people use to find books:

  • Covers
  • TOCs
  • Book Reviews
  • Summaries
  • Author bio
  • Description of the book
  • Sample chapters
  • Subject codes

Top Reasons For Choosing Title

Popular searches people use to find books:

  • Like The Author
  • Like This Series
  • Liked Topic/Subject
  • Like Character
  • Price
  • Intrigued By Book Title
  • Cover/Jacket Description / Testimonials
  • Looked Thru Book, And Liked It
  • Special Offer / Price
  • Good Book Review
  • Cover Art
  • On Bestseller List
  • Movie/TV Show Based On Book
  • Recommended From Media Personality/ TV Show