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Book Marketing Consultation

Book Marketing Consultation
Learn how to promote your book from a marketing pro!

Book Marketing Consultation
$299 each

Book Marketing Topic Options:

Book Publicity 101:

connect and build exposure with your local media


Social Media 101 for Authors:

connect on social media platforms to fit your genre


Maximizing Your Amazon Listing:

create a robust, accurate, and complete Amazon page


Dos and Don'ts for Your Author Website:

master the essentials of a user-friendly website


Book Reviews:

learn how to get your book reviewed by professional outlets


Local Bookstores:

work with bookstores for signings and events


Libraries and Book Clubs:

build relationships with these important book communities


The Power of Bylines:

write articles to build your online expert presence


We're offering a one hour phone consultation with
a book marketing professional

Authors often say "writing the book was easy... marketing the book is hard."

From a marketing perspective, there are several different ways to attract long-term attention, spark book sales, and build your brand. An excellent cover design and professional editing are essential to producing a high-quality book and attracting positive attention. But to get the word out effectively you will also need some creative marketing ideas and a working knowledge of the promotional tools available.

We're here to help with customized book marketing strategy sessions

We're here to help with customized book marketing strategy sessions where you'll learn how to create awareness for your book and your brand.

You'll receive a one-hour consultation with a book marketing expert... and you get to choose the topic!

Before your one-hour phone consult, you'll submit an author questionnaire telling us about yourself and what you hope to accomplish with your book. This will help customize and focus the session, and ensure that it is tailored with advice, publishing industry information, and initiatives specifically for you and your work.

Don't hesitate. The sooner you get your marketing plan in place, the sooner you'll get your book discovered and sold. Select one or more of the six initiatives listed and take the first big step toward launching a successful book promotion.

Reserve your consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions about Book Marketing Consultation

How does this service work, step by step?

Here is a basic outline of the process:

  • You purchase the service on myidentifiers.com.
  • You complete and submit the questionnaire.
  • Smith Publicity, a firm specializing in promoting authors and publishers that has forged a reputation as one of the most creative publicity and public relations agencies worldwide, reviews your questionnaire and book and author information
  • You will be introduced to one of Smith's experts, who will coordinate and execute your one-hour one-on-one consultation.
  • You receive a concluding email from your consultant, which includes additional educational material on the topic you select.

What types of questions are on the questionnaire?

The questionnaire asks for information about your book, the target audience you're trying to reach, and your personal and professional background. For example, you'll be asked to name specific things you want your readers to know about you. You can also list topics, not related to your book, that you feel qualified to discuss when promoting your book (such as trending news topics). Your training will be custom-tailored to your needs, based on your answers to these questions.

When is the best time to develop a marketing strategy for my book?

The goal of this service is to give you the information you need to get started on these key book marketing initiatives. While they can be done at any stage of the publishing process (before or after publication), the earlier you have this information, the better.

Who is providing this service?

This consulting service is provided through Smith Publicity, a firm that has forged a reputation as one of the most creative publicity and public relations agencies worldwide. Since 1997, they have promoted thousands of authors from New York TimesĀ© best sellers to first-time self-published books, ebooks and audiobooks, publishers, businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs. Their clients have appeared on nearly every major TV and radio talk show, and have been featured in scores of the top media outlets in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and abroad. Their talented, veteran team of publicists are passionate about books and thrive on creating wonderful opportunities for authors