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Professional Editing Services for Self-Publishers

Let the editorial team at Foreword give your book professional polish. Order your editorial review today — just take these three simple steps:

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We want to help you put your best book forward. Submit your manuscript for a thorough copy edit from a professional editor, or get an in-depth developmental edit to identify areas for improvement. Either way, you’ll benefit from the Foreword editorial team’s inside understanding of what agents, publishers, and readers look for in a polished, professional manuscript. You’ve already done the hard work of completing your manuscript — let us take it to the finish. At this time, Foreword Editorial Services is accepting literary nonfiction and all genres of fiction, with the exclusion of poetry. Choose from these editorial services:

Copy Editing – Why do you need a copy editor when you have spell check and grammar check tools available? Because they can fall short with some of the more nuanced aspects of language and grammar. Only a copy editor can look at your manuscript with both a technical and human eye — even better when those eyes have years of experience in the book publishing industry. Foreword editors can make sure your book is free of common linguistic errors and mistakes in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Turnaround time: 2 weeks.

Developmental Editing – Our editorial team will take a comprehensive look at all aspects of your manuscript. In addition to basic copy editing, you’ll also receive commentary on plot continuity, pacing and tension, narrative style and organization, and language usage. We’re dedicated to helping you improve the manuscript you already have, not turning it into something else. All edits are tracked, allowing you to review them and accept or reject each edit individually. We’re here to ‘smooth out the bumps’ and create the most enjoyable reader experience. Turnaround time: 3 weeks.

Prices based on 25,000 words or more
Feature Development Editing
Copy Editing
Turnaround time 21 days 14 days
Grammar and punctuation
Common Linguistic Errors
Plot Continuity
Pacing and Tension
Narrative Style
Editor's Overall Comments

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