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A barcode is a graphical representation of your book's ISBN number and price. It is included on the back of a hard copy book to allow automated scanning and point-of-sale transactions. Most of the largest book retailers and wholesalers require books to display the Bookland EAN bar code, which is the only barcode that encodes the ISBN as well as the book's retail price. You can easily purchase, customize and create your own bar codes, and also store them for future access in your dashboard when you need them. To purchase or customize bar codes, you will need:

  • An ISBN Number
  • Retail or List Price Information

By obtaining your bar codes from Bowker, the ISBN Agency in the US, you can be certain they meet the latest industry requirements. We can provide advice regarding price add-ons, formats, and other questions. To see a list of Bar Code FAQ’s click here

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Add an ISBN and Barcode to your cart in one click

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