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If you create content – including print, e-book, text, photos, illustrations, sound recordings, and videos – you need to protect it from piracy and unauthorized use. Put thieves on notice that you’re serious about protecting your work with a CopyrightsLock® total protection package:

  • A digital protection shield to identify your content, assert ownership, and deter piracy
  • An automatic monitoring service to scan the web for unauthorized use of your content
  • Email alerts if any suspected infringements are found
  • Automated takedown notices to get content removed from infringing websites and restore control back to you
  • A personalized dashboard to track protection status


Scans the web for unauthorized use of your content, identifies suspect infringing websites and creates takedown notice(s) demanding immediate removal of unauthorized content.


To fully protect the rights to your book's content, you must register your copyright. The CopyrightsNow app makes the registration process quick and easy, in just three simple steps. It eliminates complicated forms and helps you complete your registration in minutes. The CopyrightsNow service also includes professional review by a specialist within 24 hours of submitting your application, plus systems checks, edits, and validation of key elements of your application.

Professional Takedown Service

If you'd rather have an experienced professional manage the takedown process, escalation, and follow-up, an optional service is available. There is a one-time charge per title for this service.

Digi-Rights© CopyrightsLock Professional Takedown Service employs third party subcontractors to get stolen content removed from the internet. A copyright compliance team researches and manages DMCA Takedown Notices and follow-up on your behalf. Price includes up to 4 suspect infringements + DMCA Notices. Additional suspect infringements are charged at $75 each.

For more information on CopyrightsLock, check out our FAQs.


A savings of $120
Annual Subscription only




U.S. Copyright protection and DMCA Monitoring Service

Annual Plan now only
*Registrations require an additional filing fee of $55 - $65 paid directly to the US Copyright Office.

Professional Takedown Service

A savings of $50
$299.95 per title

3 Easy steps to protect your content and delete any unauthorized use:

protect your content

1. Shield your content with a protection badge to assert ownership and thwart thieves.

monitor the web

2. Scan the web automatically for infringing copies of your work.

MDCA Takedown Notice

3. Get stolen content removed with official DMCA* Takedown Notices sent to infringing websites

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA): Provides protection for copyright owners.

Terms of Service: Subscription fees are non‐refundable unless cancelled within 24‐hours of your order placement and before any access to the service and before starting a project.

Service Limitations: CopyrightsLock™ automatically monitors the web for copies of your work… and notifies you by e‐mail alerts of any potential infringing sites. Web monitoring is based on sample text snippets from your work and matched against billions of website pages for potential plagiarism. Email Alerts are sent when potential infringing sites are found for your authentication. After review and research, with a few clicks, you can send a properly worded DMCA takedown notice to infringing sites, ISPs and/or OSPs to demand removal of your unauthorized content under DMCA. (Note: Web scans may not identify all infringements and does not include rich media such as images, audio or video. DMCA notice(s) may not result in takedown of content and may result in a counter‐notice. If you or Copyright owner or authorized agent makes any false accusations of copyright infringement, you may have legal liability for costs, damages and penalties.)

Disclaimer: CopyrightsNow® and CopyrightsLock™ are trademarks of Digi‐Rights® Direct LLC. Digi‐Rights Direct LLC is not affiliated with the U. S. Copyright Office. Neither Digi‐Rights Direct LLC or its Affiliate Partners or Service Providers are attorneys and we do not provide legal advice regarding copyrights, licensing and DMCA notices, and are not liable for any damages resulting from reliance upon the App, promotional statements and tutorial material herein. You agree to indemnify us from any and all claims, liabilities and damages resulting from your use of the service. The information contained on this website and the App is believed to be accurate at the time of publication. Consult with a competent attorney for specific legal advice. © 2020 Digi‐Rights Direct LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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