Marketing Tools

When it comes to getting the word out and promoting yourself and your book, Bowker provides the resources to help you reach your audience.


Online book marketing made simple

Here's the perfect online promotion solution for smart indie authors. It's an interactive, searchable sample of your book you can create quickly and easily. Share your book's information and content with social networks and online retailers worldwide!

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Who do you write like? Find out with ScoreIt!

ScoreIt! helps you identify your writing style and find the best-selling authors whose style most closely matches your own. With a ScoreIt! analysis, you can better position your title within the retail marketplace, sharpen your marketing strategy, and connect with more readers.

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Book Press Release

Get your book noticed and sold

Alert the media with this AP-style document suitable for distribution to media contacts, your website, blogs, social media, and any other important venue. It’s the perfect tool for showcasing important information about you and book and attracting the media attention you want.

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Electronic Sell Sheet

A handy marketing aid for authors

This is a professionally designed and written document that you can print and share electronically to promote your book to bookstores, libraries, and all prospective buyers. You may include a description and key details about your book, as well as a cover image.

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Book Marketing Consultation

Boost sales - build your brand

Get the help you need to launch a successful book promotion in a full-hour, in-depth phone consultation tailored to your specific marketing needs. Your discussion topics can range from how to optimize your author website to how to work effectively with local bookstores.

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Social Media Consultation

Learn the social media rules of engagement

Share your story and lift book sales with social media. Let an expert consultant show you how to connect with new readers and grow your audience with a sure-fire social media strategy. Choose from the most popular platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.

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Pitch your story to the global entertainment community

Getting your story considered by producers was almost impossible, until now. Whether you’re a novelist, playwright or just someone with great ideas, with Storyrocket you can create a professional pitch package and upload it to a database that producers, studios, and investors search for new content. Your story may be the next big hit!

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QRPlus Codes

Make your book interactive

Extend your digital reach through print. Enable readers to interact with your book instantly with a QRPlus QR code from Bowker. And remember, unlike a regular QR Code, QRPlus is Bowker's Forever QR Code. You'll never have to reprint just because your URL has changed.

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Author Home Page

Build your own author website

You can do it yourself because we’ve done most of the hard work for you! We supply templates, images, and color palettes you can select and personalize to build a website that will attract and engage the readers you want to reach.

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Learn Book Marketing Fast

A step-by-step video guide

The Book Marketing Intensive video course is a hands-on roadmap to building a book promotion plan that works. From organizing your strategy… to getting reviews and publicity… to optimizing your website, you’ll learn how to generate attention — and sales.

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Learn Self-Publishing Fast

The how-to video for self-publishers

This comprehensive video course takes you through all aspects of the publishing process to put you on the path to publication. The video offers professional guidance on editing, design, marketing and publicity, and more to boost your skills as an author entrepeneur.

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SEO Masterclass

Improve search results with this video course

Help readers discover your book and website with the aid of this comprehensive video course on search engine optimization. You’ll learn expert techniques for developing and implementing an SEO strategy that converts into book sales.

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Amazon Listing Consultation

Make your title stand out from the crowd

The way you present yourself and your book on Amazon plays a major role in getting your book discovered and sold. That’s why you need the expert guidance we can provide in this personalized phone consultation. You’ll learn how to optimize every section of your Amazon page.

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