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Bowker Identifier Services is the only official U.S. ISBN Agency.

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ISBNs make your book more discoverable so readers can find and purchase your book more easily. The ISBN is the global standard for identifying titles.

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We provide you with the products and services to make your books more discoverable. Get your ISBNs today!


EAN Barcodes for your printed book can help self-publishers with making their book compliant for bookstores and libraries Getting barcodes for your printed books will make them easier to sell. That's because barcodes facilitate automated sales and inventory tracking — a requirement for most large retailers and wholesalers.

Bowker barcodes meet the latest publishing industry requirements.

Register Your Copyright

New! A recent Supreme Court ruling requires you to register your copyright before filing a lawsuit to to enforce your rights!
CopyrightsNow gives you the tools to easily register your copyrights without confusion Registering a copyright has never been quicker or simpler! CopyrightsNow makes it easy to register your copyright and get enforceable lifetime copyright protection!

The CopyrightsNow app helps authors and publishers protect their creative works from piracy and illegal use with just three easy steps, simplifying the copyright application process and eliminating complex forms and procedures.

Book2Look Biblet

CopyrightsNow At last, an easy-to-use, powerful marketing tool that lets you share your book's information and content with social networks and online retailers worldwide!

Keeping track of all the pieces of the promotional puzzle can be a full-time task. Blogs, websites, videos, reviews, Twitter, Facebook... trying to navigate and manage this digital jungle effectively took a lot of time and effort – until now. The solution: the Book2Look Biblet.


ScoreIt! can help you learn more about your competitive market. A must to succeed in self-publishing Knowing your writing style and genre is the first step in creating an effective promotion strategy for your book. A ScoreIt!™ analysis instantly identifies the best-selling authors and genres that match your writing style.

Use ScoreIt!™ results to guide and improve your book marketing efforts.

Ebook Creator Suite

Bokwer Ebook Solution for self publishing authors We can help you create versions of your book in EPUB and MOBI with our ebook publishing services.

Ebook Creator Suite provides solutions for ebook projects of all sizes. Bowker Identifier Services offers products and services than can help get your book off the page!

Self-Publishing Solutions

CopyrightsNow Here are the self-publishing tools you need at a discount price: ISBNs, barcodes, ebook publishing, and more.

Our Self-Pubishing packages will help you purchase multiple items while saving on the á la carte costs.

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Press Release

Press Release for Authors and Self-Publishers An AP-style document designed to showcase you and your book to print, broadcast, and online media.

The press release is an important promotional tool for authors, as it shows the media why they should be interested in you and your book. After you submit a brief questionnaire, you will receive a document suitable for distribution to media contacts. You'll get results when you post your press release on Amazon, your website, blog, or social media.

Electronic Sell Sheet

Electronic Sell Sheet This must-have author's tool is a one-page professionally designed and written document to promote your book to bookstores, libraries, businesses, and other prospects.

License Your Book's Content

Maximize earnings by licensing rights to your book's content Earn more money from your book through Rights Licensing. Act now and list your rights on a licensing portal promoted to over 50,000 publishers in 90 countries.

QR Codes

QR Codes QRPlus QR codes enable readers to interact with your book instantly. And, unlike a regular QR Code, QRPlus is Bowker's Forever QR Code. You'll never reprint just because your URL has changed.

Extend your visibility and maximize the value between print and interactive with QRPlus QR codes!

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