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Bowker Identifier Services is the official ISBN Agency of the United States and its territories.

NEW! Author Home Page

Build your own great-looking author website!

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Attention authors: Now you can promote your books with a great looking, fully personalized website you build yourself. It’s easy with the Author Home Page website creator. Features include:

  • 1,500 artistically selected images to choose from, spanning 72 book genres
  • 13 different color palettes, each with a matched set of complementary colors
  • Premium website hosting — you get the latest technology for superior performance

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Protect your work. Enforce your copyright!

To fully protect the rights to your book's content, you must register your copyright. The CopyrightsNow app makes the registration process quick and easy, in just three simple steps. It eliminates complicated forms and helps you complete your registration in minutes. The CopyrightsNow service also includes:

  • Professional review by a specialist within 24 hours of submitting your application
  • An online account and customer portal for entering and validating information
  • 24/7 access to the portal with online context-sensitive help
  • Systems checks, edits, and validation of key elements of your application

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Book2Look Biblet

Online book marketing made simple

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A must for authors marketing their books, Book2Look makes it easier to promote and sell your book online, by

  • Making it easy for readers to find, view — and buy — your book
  • Highlighting all your promotional material together in one place
  • Making it easier to find your book on Google

With over 125 MILLION views and counting, now is the time to add a Book2Look Biblet to your book marketing activities. Use this cutting-edge digital solution to present your title to readers, increase discoverability, and sell more books.

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ISBN (International Standard Book Number)

ISBNs help books get discovered!

Purchasing an ISBN is a big step toward ensuring your book’s commercial success. An ISBN can help readers find and purchase your book because it identifies the book’s specific format, edition, and publisher. Also, the ISBN:

  • links to essential information about your book
  • enables more efficient marketing and distribution
  • is required by most retailers
  • is the global standard for book identification

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Barcodes make print books easier to sell

A barcode is a graphical representation of your printed book’s ISBN and price — and buying a barcode is a low-cost investment in your book’s success. That’s because barcodes facilitate tracking of sales and inventory, and are required by the largest book wholesalers and retailers. Barcodes from Bowker:

  • use the most widely adopted barcode format in the publishing industry
  • meet the latest industry requirements
  • are easy to purchase, generate and assign
  • can be stored for future use at MyIdentifiers.com

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Pitch your story to producers and studios worldwide

Have you thought about having your book made into a movie or TV series? The fact is, getting your story seen by producers was almost impossible... until now. With Storyrocket you can showcase your story to producers, investors, and studios around the world.

Whether you’re a novelist, screenwriter, playwright or just someone with great ideas, with Storyrocket you’ll create a professional pitch package and upload it to a database that producers, studios, and investors search for new content. Your story may be the next big hit!

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Book Marketing Consultations

Get expert book selling advice from a marketing pro

There is a better way to begin a serious marketing push for your book: a one-on-one, hour-long phone consultation with an experienced book marketing professional. With this expert guidance, you’ll gain valuable insights on how to promote your book more effectively and boost sales.

Choose from these three consulting sessions:

  • Social Media Book Promotion
  • Maximize Your Amazon Listing
  • Book Marketing Planner

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Save time getting your book to market

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