Protect your work – enforce your copyright. CopyrightsNow makes it easy!

IMPORTANT: A recent Supreme Court ruling requires you to register your copyright before filing a lawsuit to enforce your rights!

If you've written a book or created some other original work such as a blog, photo, or illustration, you must register your copyright to prevent unauthorized use. CopyrightsNow simplifies copyright registration, protecting you against illegal copying, theft or plagiarism of your work. But you must register your copyright with the U.S. Copyright Office to fully enforce your rights.

Why should I copyright my work?

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Plus filing fee of $35 - $55 paid directly to the US Copyright Office

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you save $39.98

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Copyright Registration in 3 Easy Steps with Do-It-Yourself Mobile/Desktop App!

  • Complete the online CopyrightsNow questionnaire
  • Pay the filing fee with the Copyright Office and submit a copy of your work
  • Receive a Certificate of Registration from the U.S. Copyright Office

Why use the CopyrightsNow app?

  • A simple, do-it-yourself app for copyright registration
  • Save time and money registering your copyright
  • CopyrightsNow has built-in error checking
  • CopyrightsNow reviews your registration

Download the CopyrightsNow app

Note: Although the App is FREE to download, in order to use the App, the user needs to purchase a CopyrightsNow Account through Bowker to enroll and activate the service.

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