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Here’s one publisher's Book2Look success story

"As a small, independent publisher, I was excited to use biblets initially to employ an easier “look inside the book” feature on my website. I soon discovered that biblets supercharged my social media outreach and search engine results. After creating and posting biblets for my entire list, my sales increased by ten percent in the first month. The reports from Book2Look are incredibly informative and useful in planning and evaluating promotion strategies. The technology is intuitive, and the team behind it is available, helpful, and knowledgeable about all aspects of the industry."

Mary Bahr, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Warbler Press

You've written your new book, now what?


Book2Look is a one-stop book marketing solution

Marketing your book online can be a profitable venture that often requires multiple marketing efforts. Book2Look is an interactive, searchable, sample of your book you can create to quickly and easily manage your marketing campaigns in one platform.

Successful marketing often requires multiple venues, such as blogs, websites, videos, reviews, Twitter, Facebook... to name just a few. And effectively navigating and managing your book marketing efforts takes a lot of time and effort – until now. The solution: Book2Look.

Book2Look unites book discovery with the opportunity to make a sale

  • Makes it easy for readers to find — and buy — your book
  • Highlights all your promotional material together in one place
  • Makes it easier to find your book on Google

Book2Look is your all-in-one interactive book showcase

  • Simply keep track of all the pieces of your promotional efforts.
  • Share as much of your book's content as you like — it’s entirely up to you.
  • Instantly accessible to all online retailers, bloggers, and communities.
  • Features an online quick-reference guide

Book2Look is the one marketing tool that is designed to improve book discovery and sales while giving you complete control of your book's bibliographic information and promotional material, viewable anytime, anywhere.

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