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ScoreIt! helps you connect with your target audience

ScoreIt! Helps You Find and Connect with New Readers – and Sell More Books

Discover which best-selling authors you write like and you’ll find a ready-made audience for your book – readers who enjoy your writing style. A ScoreIt! manuscript analysis makes it happen! ScoreIt! technology provides exciting insights into your writing style and reveals who your writing style most closely resembles.

Here's how it works. Scoreit!:

  • Analyzes your writing style based on grammar, tone, vocabulary, and other key factors
  • Finds the top three best-selling authors whose style most closely matches your own
  • Provides marketing tools and strategies to help you reach out to their readers — and grow your own audience

With the information contained in your Scoreit! analysis, you can build a sure-fire marketing strategy to get your book discovered and sold.

How to Reach New Readers in Three Easy Steps

View this handy user's guide packed with tips and techniques to help you get the most from your ScoreIt! analysis.

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For more info about ScoreIt! and the technology behind its analytics capabilities, you may view the ScoreIt! FAQs and download “The Story Behind the Science.”


“...ScoreIt!™ is the technology I'll rely on to understand where my target market lies and find the most loyal audience.”

– Maquel A. Jacob

Knowing who I write like provides a key data point for editors to consider when they're reviewing my drafts and evaluating how to best position my latest work in the retail trade book space.”

– Dianna Hutts Aston

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