The ideal promotional piece to introduce your book to prospective buyers

Your key author/title information summarized in one handy document

Make no mistake, the more you can actively promote your book the more successful you’ll be as an author. That’s why you need the Electronic Sell Sheet — it’s one publicity aid you can’t afford to be without.

Professionally written and designed, the Electronic Sell Sheet is a one-page document that summarizes key information about you and your book. It’s a handy promotional piece you can distribute to prospective buyers.

Getting started

To get started, you'll just need to complete a short questionnaire and send us a high-resolution cover image and your photo (if desired). When completed, we'll send you a Word and PDF file, which you can print or share electronically (up to two rounds of revisions included!). You will also receive a handy guide featuring useful tips on book publicity.

Heres what the sell sheet includes:

  • Cover image
  • Author photo
  • Description of contents
  • Author credentials
  • Author contact information

Use the sell sheets to present your title to bookstores, libraries, retail outlets, businesses, non-profits, schools, an organizations. Be sure to take them to speaking engagements and wherever and whenever you have the opportunity to publicize your book. It's a great 'leave-behind' that will act as a reminder to keep attention focused on your title.

Electronic Sell Sheet

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