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Successful authors know the value of a thorough, objective assessment from a respected and credible reviewer. At Clarion, a team of more than 100 experienced, highly qualified reviewers stands ready to help authors connect with the hearts and minds of readers, booksellers, librarians, and other influencers who can help get their books discovered.

Now you can get a professionally written, objective review of your book from this trusted review service. You can use the review as:

  • Constructive feedback to improve your book
  • A valuable marketing tool to help sell your book
  • A tool to connect with readers and influencers

Within 4-6 weeks after submitting your manuscript, you’ll receive a review of approximately 450 words that critiques all key aspects of your book and delivers constructive recommendations. The review features three important elements you can use in your marketing efforts:

  • The Money Quote – This powerful testimonial boils down the entire review into one sentence, telling readers instantly what distinguishes your book from all the others out there. It’s ideal for promotional purposes.
  • The First Paragraph – In a compact, conversational, positive way, this introduction tells readers what the book is about and the reviewer’s opinion of it. It’s a stand-alone, one-paragraph mini-review.
  • The Star Rating – The review gives a comprehensive overview of the key elements that will influence potential book buyers. Your book’s rating will be one to five stars based on excellence.

Clarion Review


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  • In 4-6 weeks, your review will be written, edited and formatted.
  • You'll get a notification with a link to the review when completed.
  • You’ll provide instructions on whether to post it or keep it private.

If you grant permission, your review will be posted on the high-traffic Foreword Reviews website and licensed to book wholesalers who will spread the word to thousands of librarians and booksellers.

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Our partners at Clarion reserve the right to reject material deemed inappropriate, such as any content that promotes terrorism, extremism, hatred, or violence, as well as pornographic material.

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