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Designed to showcase you and your book

A book press release is an important promotional tool designed to showcase you and your book to print, broadcast, and online media, and attract as much media interest as possible.

It uses newsworthy angles to show the media — including newspaper, magazine, television, radio, online, and blog contacts — why they should be interested in you and your book. You’ll just need to submit a short questionnaire to get started.

After you complete and submit the questionnaire, we’ll deliver an AP- style Word document in the format media contacts expect. And to guide you along the way, we’ll also send you a tip sheet on how to use a press release effectively.

You’re then free to use the press release in variety of ways to attract attention and generate interest. From your own website to any social media platform – there’s no limit to how the press release can help boost your exposure and spread the word about your book.

Book Press Release

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