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Ebook Creator Flex

Ebook Creator Flex

Simply provide us with your Word, InDesign, PDF or HTML Document

We will work with our partner, Data Conversion Laboratory, to produce a great ebook
from your manuscript!

Important Details About Your Ebook

Please make sure your manuscript conforms to these requirements prior to submission:

Ebook Creator Flex
Ideal for children's books
Includes your choice of fixed format, ideal for children's books, as well as reflowable text format
Unlimited hyperlinks & images
plus many other advanced
formatting options
Create EPUB and / or MOBI files
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Bowker Ebook Creator Flex
is produced
in partnership with

  • Convert any project regardless of size, complexity or format.

    We are about providing you with maximum flexibility. Perhaps your book is not a novel with simple formatting. Perhaps it has tables, scientific calculations, etc. Ebook Creator Flex creates books guaranteeing maximum device compatibility.

  • Pay only for what you need.

    Ebook Creator Flex can convert Reflowable Format Ebooks and Fixed Format Ebooks of varying complexity. Your cost is based only on size, format, and complexity.

  • What is the difference betweeen Reflowable and Fixed Format?

    If you zoomed in on your book, and your text and images increased in size, the two formats would provide two different reading experiences.

    • Reflowable Format Ebooks would reflow the text into another page. The more you zoom, the less text you would see on your page.

    • Fixed Format Ebooks do not reflow. As you zoomed into an area of the page, the position of the images and typography of that page would be maintained.

      An example of a common Fixed Format Ebook is a children's Picture Book. A typical children's book is simple in appearance. However, it requires more work and testing to ensure the text and images maintain their positions relative to one another in devices with different screen sizes, and when the screen orientation shifts.

      Fixed Format Ebooks are only supported by Amazon Kindle (KF8 / mobi) and the Apple iPad EPUB.

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Complexity Level

Low complexity

Low Complexity books are plain text without any images or tables. Text should be standard Latin-based language, where text is formatted to read from the top left corner of the page.

Formatting will be limited to standard text and chapter headings.

Books without images

Medium complexity

Medium complexity books contain images and tables on no more than 30% of the total page count.

This includes:
Large Paper Size, Multiple Heading Levels, Figures

Chapter books with some illustrations
Basic Cookbooks
Marketing Books

High complexity

High complexity books contain tables and images throughout the book.
This includes: Heavy Formatting, Multiple Lists, Exercises (Questions/Answers)**, Quizzes**, Math Equations, Block Quotes, Boxed Text, Sidebars

**Many eReaders Do not Support Quizzes or Exercises.
Please be aware of this issue before you start the conversion process. If you submit a converted file to unsupported devices, it is probable that your ebook will be declined by the retail store when you submit it for distribution. When you submit your ebook for conversion, you will want to exclude Exercises and Quizzes.

Text Books
Technical Manuals
Heavily Formatted Cookbooks
Test Preps

Compare Our Three Different Ebook Products Below:

About my ebook

(MS Word Only)



Input format WordGridConvertTop PremierGridConvertTop FlexGridConvertTop
Number of pages Up to 500 pages
(250 words per page)
Up to 500 pages
(250 words per page)
Unlimited pages with Flex
Images Up to 10 images Up to 20 images Unlimited images with Flex
Drop caps Not available Not available Here is a simple illustration of a Drop Cap in action. It can add a distinctive touch to a manuscript. And here are some more words. Indeed they lived happily ever after.
Styled lists Not available Not available Some examples of styled lists are:
1. Animal I. Animalia
2. Vegetable      a. Chordata
3. Mineral             1. Mammalia
In-line styles Not available Not available Available in Flex, In-line styles involve characteristics which can change the appearance of a font or its interaction on the page.
Multiple levels of headers Not available Not available Section I: The Nervous System
          Chapter 1: The Brain
In-book linked sources Not available Not available In-book links allow readers to jump from one place to another within an ebook.
External links Up to 10 external links Up to 10 external links Unlimited external links
Custom table of contents Not available Not available When ebooks are created properly, the main e-readers in the marketplace will create a Table of Contents. Most often, a Custom Table of Contents would require extensive work to create, and would be an index of in-book links, as most ebooks have a variable page number.
Page layout WordGridColumn PremierGridColumn FlexGridColumn
Mathematical formulas Not available Not available FlexGridFormula
Block quotes Not available Not available Main body of text, above block quote, for illustration purposes

A block quotation (also known as a long quotation or extract) is a quotation in a written document, that is set off from the main text as a paragraph, or block of text, and typically distinguished visually using indentation and a different typeface or smaller size quotation.

Main body of text continues after block quote
Boxed text Not available Not available FlexGridBoxText
Cover image format Image format is flexible:
1600px Max. Horizontal
2400px Max Vertical
Image format is flexible:
1600px Max. Horizontal
2400px Max Vertical
1600px Max. Horizontal
2400px Max Vertical
Reflowable text Required Required Available
Fixed format text Not available Not available Available
Recommended Option for Children's Picture Books
Output format: epub Included Included Available
Output format: mobi Included Included Available
(MS Word Only)





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* Ebook Creator .doc MUST be provided in Microsoft Word, formatted specifically as instructed on this webpage.

** Page layout: Reflowable text is a flexible layout that scales to fit different screen and font sizes by changing page breaks and paragraph widths.
Fixed format ebooks are those, which require a specific layout and typographical placement be maintained, such as children’s books and technical manuals.

If you are not sure after reading this, call (877-310-7333) or email us at isbn-san@bowker.com for a consultation! We will even take a look at your document and recommend the right Ebook Creator product for you. And if we don’t have the right solution, we may even be able to help you find the solution you need.