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Online Book Marketing Made Easy

Marketing your book online can be a real struggle. Just keeping track of all the pieces of the promotional puzzle can be a full-time task. Blogs, websites, videos, reviews, Twitter, Facebook... trying to navigate and manage this digital jungle effectively took a lot of time and effort – until now. The solution: the Book2Look Biblet.

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Not just a "look inside" widget, the Biblet lets you share reviews, video and audio clips, shop links, and more. It puts you in charge so you can manage, edit, and evaluate all your online promotional activities from one platform, 24/7! Imagine having one marketing tool that gives you complete control of your book's bibliographic information and promotional material, viewable anytime, anywhere.

Click on the sample Biblet below and see for yourself!


The Book2Look

  • Brings all your promotional material together on one platform.
  • Helps you monitor activity and evaluate performance.
  • Gives you round-the-clock access.
  • Features an online quick-reference guide.
  • Makes it easy for readers to find – and buy – your book.

Your all-in-one interactive book showcase

  • A perfect online promotion solution for smart indie authors.
  • An interactive, searchable, sample of your book ("Biblet") you can create quickly and easily.
  • Share as much of your book's content as you like – it’s entirely up to you.
  • Instantly accessible to all online retailers, bloggers, and communities.

You've written your book... now what?

Watch these videos and see how to use your Biblet to get your book noticed and sold.

A better way to market your book

How to use your Biblet