Use QRPlus codes to engage and communicate with your audience instantly

Make your book interactive!

Maximize the value between print and interactive with QRPlus QR Codes!

Whether you use a QR code to link to a website, display text, or compose an email, you'll find it's a handy tool to communicate your message quickly and efficiently — and engage your audience. The number of different applications is virtually unlimited, and you can use your creativity to come up with new ways to use QR codes to promote yourself and your writing.

  • Advertising, marketing, and brand awareness: link to your website or online retailer with QR codes you place on press releases, data sheets, business cards, direct mail pieces – any printed medium
  • Make your book interactive: place QR codes in your book to connect readers with supplementary material, or get instant feedback by linking to a survey
  • Grow your audience: create a QR code that links to a website where people can sign up to receive information about you and your current and future titles. The more QR code placements you make, the more signups you’re likely to generate.

And remember, unlike a regular QR code, QRPlus allows you to print your code and not worry about reprinting it if your URLs change later.

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