Create a professional pitch package and showcase your book to producers around the world with Storyrocket.

If you don't have a powerful contact to get you through the door of a studio, production company or television network, getting your story seen by producers is almost impossible, until now. Storyrocket is a powerful promotional tool that lets you share your story with producers and other content seekers.

Why Storyrocket?

get your story discovered

Get Discovered

Create a professional "pitch package" and upload it to a database that producers use to search for content. Your story may be the next big hit!

powerful tool to promote your story

Promote Your Story

Storyrocket is a powerful promotional tool. Easily share your story with our community and the world using social media.

own your deal

Own 100% of your deal

We believe that your story is YOURS. Storyrocket is here to connect, not to get in a middle of a deal. If your story is optioned or produced, Storyrocket takes ZERO!

unique url's for projects

Projects with unique URLs

Why create a stand-alone website for your project, when Storyrocket gives you a microsite with your story's name on it? Save time, save money and it's a snap to update.

producers communicate with you

Communicate directly

No middleman ever! When producers are interested, they'll communicate directly with you, your publisher or your literary agent. It's all up to you.

StoryRocket is a great value

Great Value

With Bowker you get a great value. You can post 5 books for only $155.00 for the year. That's less than $3 per book/per month.

See what authors are saying about Storyrocket

The Goblins and the Gravedigger

“The service Storyrocket provides is a God-send to nobodies like myself, who don’t have a ghost’s chance of getting their work noticed. Believe me when I say that Storyrocket is a friend to all whose creativity deserves a larger stage.”
Kenny Chumbly — Author, Playwright and Publisher — Rantoul, Illinois

Unit 44

“Storyrocket is an epicenter for unbridled creativity, proving that there’s plenty of unique, game-changing stories that could instantly become a film or tv hit. My nine graphic novels are housed here. Producers need to take heed of this goldmine of talent, otherwise they risk kicking themselves when they miss out on the next big thing.”
Wes Locher — Graphic Novelist — Wooster, Ohio


“As creatives we’re always on the lookout for new effective ways to market our work. For my book and screenplays, I utilize Storyrocket – a global marketplace for authors and industry professionals to find each other. What I love about them is the format that shows everything about a project in a convenient one-sheet outline.”
Brian Fitzpatrick — Author and Screenwriter — Anaheim, California

Embarco de papel

“With Storyrocket I have a clear understanding of what it takes to get my stories produced. Having to carefully draft a logline and synopsis and consider which actors I would like to play the characters I’ve developed has been the perfect way for me to pump my work up to the next level. What’s exciting is producers and publishers taking notice.”
Linda Rodriquez — Writer and Professor — Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Watch how Michael uses Storyrocket

The reality was, if you didn't "know somebody" inside the entertainment industry you couldn't get your work seen by the right people. You and hundreds of thousands of writers around the world were shut out of this closed industry. The good news is that Storyrocket has changed all that.

Storyrocket makes your story discoverable online for producers, actors, studios, theatrical groups, TV networks, investors, and other key players looking for content. Storyrocket will never take a commission from a deal, it's a win-win for writers and producers.

showcase your book to producers

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