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Investing in an editor is one of the best ways to improve your book!
My Editor can help you in a pinch!

My Editor Prime includes:

  • Complete read of your manuscript and your artwork
  • Proofread your book for issues with spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization
  • Help you ensure your book uses consistent of terminology, numbers, abbreviations, quote styling, and names
  • Crosscheck the Table of Contents and Bibliographies against text of your book, if applicable, to ensure all the references are correct
  • If you cite other sources in your book, and the editor has reason to believe you have not properly sourced or obtained permission he or she will provide commentary for you

My Editor Premium includes:

  • All the features of My Editor Prime PLUS:
  • Edit your book for language, sense, and logic, and provide alternate suggestions
    • Help you improve word choice, transitions, and fluency of the writing in your book
    • Eliminate wordiness, triteness, confusing statements, mixed metaphors, and vague generalizations
    • Mark or revise material that is sexist, prejudiced, obscene, dated, or slanderous
  • Work with you directly to provide text recommendations and improvements for your book
  • When necessary, ensure science, technical, medical, and math editorial and type-marking conventions are followed, per your guidelines
  • Fact check proper names, works of art, films, TV programs, music pieces, etc.
  • Create a Table of Contents for your book upon request

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