Self-Publisher Pro

Self-Publisher Pro
Take advantage of the complete self-publishing package from Bowker.
  • 10 ISBNs
    Most publishers these days are going to publish at least five (5) versions of a book (Hardback, Softback, EPUB, MOBI, and PDF), each of which requires an ISBN. Owning a block of 10 ISBNs is usually enough for two different books. Those who purchase blocks of 10 ISBNs are usually self publishers who have researched their needs before making a purchase and realize this is the most cost effective purchase for their needs.

  • 1 Ebook Creator .doc - Word Doc To Ebook
  • 2 Barcodes
    Create printer quality resolution barcodes for the printed versions of your books, complete with price encoding.
  • 2 QRPlus™ QR Codes
    Create printer quality resolution QRCodes! Bowker's QRPlus will allow you to create your own QR Codes, but unlike any other QR Code on the market, you can change destination URLs, anytime!
  • 1 CopyrightsNow
    Mobile/Desktop App makes it easy to protect your creative work with a U.S. copyright registration. Registering your copyright is an important step in protecting your rights and recovering damages if your copyright is violated.
  • 1 book2look "Biblet"
    The book2look biblet is a perfect online promotion solution for smart indie authors. It's an interactive, searchable, sample of your book (a "Biblet") you can create quickly and easily.Your Biblet is instantly accessible to all online retailers, bloggers, and communities.


Due to the nature of the contents of many of these products, this package is supported primarily in English. We apologize for any inconvenience.